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TIM deck ideas

An adventure through the cards

The main purpose of this collection is to provide you, the viewer, with a lot of examples about how to configure your Magic: The Gathering Deck. All these decks are based upon the TIM theme. TIM is the shortname of the card prodigal Sorcerer, an 1/1 creature that you can tap to hit a creature or player for one damage. I made up a few decks (you'll find just one down here) to make full use of this feature.


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Also, I greatly appreciate decks which ONLY! consists of common cards, making these decks formidable gift for birthdays, etc. Just put 60 common (and thus wastable) cards in a deck together with a rulebook (you'll find one in every starter) and give it to a friend. With this deck it will be even more fun to start, since it is immediately playable and it's the best way to get rid of all these commons!

Tim deck

(poke 'm till they die)
Poke your enemy with Prodigal Sorceror and Zuran Spellcaster (Tim and Tim II), while Norritt makes you let them poke again. Sorceress Queen prepares them for your Tim's and you Counter, powersink, blast everything that tries to counter tim. Use Animate Dead for resurrection of Tim's and Serrated Arrows and/or Sorceress Queen to make big creatures fall within Tim's reach. The Reveka is a stronger Tim (Tim III) and the Chain Stasis can be used to multiple untap your own creatures! (author: Opazed himself)

Take Care! Always save mana for countering COP:Blue and the like!

4 Prodigal Sorceror (4E, C)
4 Zuran Spellcaster (IA, C)
4 Norritt (IA, C)
4 Sorceress Queen (4E, R)
4 Powersink (4E, C)
4 Counterspell (IA, C)
4 Spell Blast (4E, C)
4 Grapeshot catapult (4E, C4)
4 Chain Stasis (HO, U1)
4 Animate Dead (4E, C1)
2 Reveka (not 4, since Reveka is a Legend) (HO, U1)
4 Serrated Arrows (HO, C1)
8 Swamp (4E, L)
15 Island (4E,L)
(Totalling 69 cards: 23 Land, 36 Common, 10 Rare)

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