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Dungeon Master of Tricks & Treats


Hello, I'm OPAZED, the master of tricks and treats. I've already tricked you in coming to my page and now I'll treat you on some fabulous AD&D and other stuff.

At this moment I have added the first version of my pages to this site as a test and planningboard. So, there is room for improvement and there are lots of plans! For instance, I will devote most of the sparse time I have to make this site a great AD&D site and also add lots of archery pages (my hobby).

The pages on the Family tree of the ZELVELDER's will seldom be changed, although I will add actual adjustments. The pages on Magic: The gathering, Roborally and other games will change every so often as I change from game te game myself. All comments are welcome, of course!

Yes! Let me show ...

  • AD&D: Tricks and Treats See our famous Dungeon Master Tool, our Dungeon Master Assistant Book, our other stories and pictures and the tricks, traps and treats we have collected for your convenience. Gather information as much as you like!
  • About me Read all about OPAZED, the dungeon master of tricks & treats
  • Genealogy page (Dutch only!)
  • Project Management & Sogeti All and more about projectmanagement
  • Games Look at my RoboRally-collection, my Diablo characters and my hints for the (ancient?) game of Ascendancy
  • Magic the Gathering: TIM Decks A page dedicated to the TIM cards: Prodigal Sorceror, Zuran Spellcaster, Reveka and the like…
  • ORCUS The compagnie and its software
  • The All-seeing Eye Another ORCUS site(check link, site it links to has been changed)
  • Hance from the Lance Another ORCUS site; visit Hance from the Lance(check link, site it links to has been changed)

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